May 3, 2022



FISHKILL, NY — New York State Assemblyman and candidate for New York’s 18th Congressional District, Colin Schmitt (R-New Windsor), Republican Chief Deputy Whip Congressman Drew Ferguson, local officials, and law enforcement, today, held a press conference in the Hudson Valley, supporting law enforcement and calling out Rep. Sean Maloney for his disastrous anti-cop track record.

In 2018, while running for Attorney General, Sean Maloney said his “top priority” was to ensure New York ended Cash Bail. The Cashless Bail law in New York has created a hostile and dangerous environment for communities across the state:

  • In just 1 year of data collected, 429 cases led to a rearrest involving a violent felony with a firearm, after being released due to cashless bail
  • In the first 18 months of no bail, 42,000 people were rearrested after being released
  • In total, one-fifth of all cases resul­ted in a rearrest for “any offense”
  • 558 murders in 2019 vs. 836 in 2020. An increase of over 46.7%

In NYC, where many Hudson Valley residents work and travel, major crimes have risen by 42.7%:

  • 54% spike in grand larceny incidents
  • 46.7% increase in robberies
  • 14.9% jump in rape
  • 9.2% rise in murders

On Long Island, more than 6,600 people released under the Cashless Bail Law have been rearrested for other crimes while awaiting trial.

Maloney has a history of hiring staff who have expressed hatred and animosity towards law enforcement at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC):

  • RaeAnn Ensworth, proudly proclaims online that she believes we need to “abolish” police and prisons, and said that abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is her “life’s mission,”  and publicly stated she researched “how to burn down a police precinct”
  • Erica Joy Baker, Rep. Maloney’s chief technology officer wrote “I hate the police,” called police a “modern-day slave patrol”, called for her followers to “burn down every cop precinct to the ground,” suggested that “white nationalists have infiltrated [the] Capitol Police” and repeatedly tweeted “f— 12” which is an alternative phrase to “f— the police”
  • Dyjuan Tatro, a senior adviser to Rep. Maloney is a former gang member who was convicted of shooting two rival gang members and called the Capitol Hill police “White supremacists”, called looting a “vital form of social protest,” and compared police reform to reviving Nazism
  • Kristin Slevin, a former staffer to Sen. Elizabeth Warren stated people need to continue “raising hell” in support of disbanding the Minneapolis City Police Department
  • Nijeria Boone, a strategist for Rep. Maloney called police and law enforcement “terrorist groups”

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“Sean Maloney, Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat campaign chairman is an anti-cop, pro-criminal politician who has left the Hudson Valley behind. He has publicly stated his top priority was getting bail reform across the finish line—the very law endangering our families and our communities. Not to mention, he and his staff continue to stoke the flames of division towards our heroic men and women in law enforcement,” said Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt. “It is a disgrace that our current representative refuses to condemn the heinous and disgusting rhetoric from his very own staff, such as ‘cops are terrorists,’ ‘f— the police,’ ‘burn every police precinct to the ground,’ and more. In November, I will beat Sean Maloney and the Hudson Valley will have a Member of Congress who supports law enforcement and Backs the Blue.”

Republican Chief Deputy Whip, Congressman Drew Ferguson stated, “We must have law and order in our communities to ensure people are safe and secure. Sean Maloney is an anti-law enforcement liberal whose full-throated support for dangerous policies like ending cash bail is responsible for the crime wave overtaking New York State. Now, Maloney is working to take his radical pro-criminal agenda nationwide. Colin Schmitt is a strong leader who will be an advocate for our police, and it’s critically important that we elect him to Congress. Colin has my full endorsement.”

Dutchess County Sheriff Kirk Imperati stated, “We are dedicated to safety, we as law enforcement took an oath to protect and serve the public. Bail reform does not allow us to protect and serve the public. Bail reform does not allow us to protect life and property. We are putting our community at risk with bail reform and bail reform ignores victims. We must give judges their power back, and let them work with all agencies involved. Justice must be served and bail reform does not allow that. I appreciate Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Congressman Ferguson for their support. We have to get Colin Schmitt in office in November.”

Putnam County Sheriff Kevin McConville stated, “Thank you Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for holding this event, and thank you, Congressman Ferguson, for taking the trip to discuss these important issues. Bail reform needs reform. This has removed justice from the criminal justice system. We must protect our communities.”

Anthony Laperuta, President of the Orange County Shields stated, “First, I want to point out how embarrassing it is that Sean Maloney found out we were having this press conference today and chose to hold a ‘roundtable’ event yesterday about Public Safety. The roundtable was a disaster and proved how little our leader knows what it means to protect the public. He is an embarrassment. As all can see across the county, the jobs for law enforcement are getting more and more difficult. People like Sean Maloney have failed us. Maloney continues to hire criminals on his team who want to burn down police precincts and compare us to nazis and terrorists. It is despicable. Our members need support and that is why you can count on Colin Schmitt’s unwavering support for our law enforcement community and the residents of the Hudson Valley.”

East Fishkill Town Councilman and NYS Assembly Candidate AJ Beephan stated, “The growing resentment about law enforcement is horrible and our current congressman takes part in that. Every single candidate who has accepted the Working Families line took an oath to defund the police. I am here to say that is not the answer. Working with law enforcement will allow our communities to remain safe, make them safer, and keep our area a great place to live. We are here to back the blue and take back our community. Thank you Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Congressman Ferguson for your support.”

Woodbury Town Councilwoman and NYS Assembly Candidate Kathryn Luciani stated, “When you look up the definition of hero, it is admiring someone’s courage. Our men and women in blue are our heroes. For whatever reason, New York has changed that definition. I am proud to stand with law enforcement. I come from a family of NYPD and they answered a call to serve. The fact we have people saying hateful things about our local heroes, like Sean Maloney’s staff, is disgusting. Thank you Assemblyman Schmitt for having me today.”

Legislator Ben Geller, Dutchess County stated, “I am honored to be here today with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Congressman Ferguson. Right in my community, catch and release policies have led to a more dangerous environment. Recently a man in my district was arrested with a firearm and was immediately released due to these bail reform laws. Back in 2009, this man held a principal at a local school at gunpoint. Repeat offenders are being let back out on our streets. This is unacceptable. We need to support the men and women in law enforcement.”

Mayor Kathleen Martin, Village of Fishkill stated, “I am so thankful to welcome Congressman Ferguson to the Village of Fishkill. We might be small, but we are mighty. And in this Village, we support law enforcement. We need Colin in congress so he can support this area. The bail debacle backed by Sean Maloney is ruining our villages, our towns, and our cities. We need safe neighborhoods. We need to get Colin elected and need to send Sean Maloney out of here. Vote for Colin Schmitt.”

Chairman Don Minichino, Dutchess County Conservative Party stated, “We know what we need. We know what must be done. We can talk about it all we want, but if we don’t get these people elected, we are in it deep. We have to get Assemblyman Colin Schmitt into Congress. Let’s get this done. We are always there for the police department and we always stand with our police officers. Let’s get this done in November.”

The new NY-18 congressional district encompasses parts of five counties, including Orange, Dutchess, Westchester, Ulster, and Putnam.

Colin Schmitt is committed to public service. Colin is a Sergeant in the Army National Guard and Assemblyman for the 99th NYS Assembly District which includes parts of Orange and Rockland counties. Colin and his wife, Nikki, live in the Town of New Windsor with their rescue dog Quincy. On April 6, 2021, Colin announced his campaign for New York’s 18th Congressional District. As a lifelong Hudson Valley resident, Colin will stand up for local families and their values in the U.S. House of Representatives by fighting for lower taxes and more jobs and defending the region’s wonderful quality of life.

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