Schmitt Receives Two Police Endorsements

New York State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, currently a candidate for the United States Congress in New York’s 18th District, received two major police endorsements this week.

The Orange County Police Chiefs’ Association, which represents the police chiefs and command staff of all of Orange County’s police departments, announced their endorsement yesterday. The New York State Police Investigators Association, representing over 2,000 active and retired members of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the New York State Police, made their endorsement announcement today.

“The Police Chiefs’ Association of Orange County, representing police chiefs and command staff in Orange County, is proud to endorse Colin Schmitt’s bid for election to the United States House of Representatives for the 18th Congressional District,” Orange County Police Chiefs’ Association President, Chief Paul Rickard President stated. “The Association’s endorsement is a result of his support for our Association and law enforcement, especially during these unprecedented times. Colin’s willingness to collaborate with us in many areas is appreciated. We look forward to his continued efforts in working with us to reduce crime and violence in our communities.”

New York State Police Investigators Association, President Timothy M. Dymond stated, “Our membership proudly serves the citizens of the State of New York in all areas of criminal investigation and it is with great honor and pride that we strongly endorse Colin Schmitt’s candidacy for Congress in New York’s 18th District, an office for which he is very qualified. Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s record speaks for itself and his years of experience prove that he has the trust of his community and peers in leadership. Assemblyman Schmitt is committed to working alongside law enforcement to ensure that our members have the resources they need to keep our communities safe. We appreciate his work as a NYS Assemblyman to fight for policies that enhance public safety and encourage support for law enforcement. Our membership has great confidence in his ability and foresight. We offer our support and assistance in Colin Schmitt’s candidacy and send best wishes for his continued success.”

Schmitt thanked both organizations for their endorsements.

“Our City, Town and Village Police Departments are the best of the best,” Schmitt said of the Orange County Police Chiefs’ Association endorsement. “Having the endorsement and support of the leaders of our finest local law enforcement agencies means a lot — I thank the Orange County Police Chiefs’ Association for their support. I always have and always will have the back of our men and women in blue. Now more than ever our police officers deserve a Congressman who will support police and stand up for law and order and our families’ safety — in Washington I will do just that.”

Schmitt added, “Thank you to the NYS Police Investigators Association for your endorsement of my campaign to be the next Congressman from the Hudson Valley. Now more than ever we need leaders in congress who unequivocally support our law enforcement heroes. I will continue my proven track record of supporting our police and working to keep our communities safe for our families in Washington.