Secretary Pompeo Endorses Colin Schmitt for Congress

Secretary Pompeo Endorses Colin Schmitt for Congress

Today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo endorsed Colin Schmitt to represent New York’s 18th District. 

Speaking about the endorsement, Secretary Pompeo said, “I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. He is a fierce advocate for his constituents and will make a great

Congressman. As a graduate of West Point, I know New York’s 18th congressional district well.

Colin will represent the Hudson Valley exceptionally with his proven track record of legislative

successes and his own military background. A red wave is coming in 2022 and we need more

leaders in Congress like Assemblyman Schmitt.”

“It is truly an honor to be endorsed by Secretary Mike Pompeo,” said Schmitt. “Secretary Pompeo is a great leader and is a West Point graduate, making him a former resident of New York’s 18th congressional district. His endorsement shows how strong our campaign for NY-18 has become and proves that we are on track to win in November. As a sitting legislator with a record of being one of the most bipartisan members of state government, now more than ever, we need elected officials willing to work together for the betterment of their communities. I look forward to the opportunity of earning the votes of my neighbors in order to represent them in Congress.”